Bellaron triple hyaluronan: the natural fountain of youth


The Bellaron hyaluronic serum stimulates the skin’s own collagen production, reduces wrinkles and tautens the facial contours. A natural fountain of youth for your skin


Bellarobellaron-hyaluron-serum-seasugarn combines a triple hyaluronic acid complex with the natural power agents kiwi hydrolate and sugar kelp extract. This rich combination of active agents bellaron-hyaluron-serum-kiwiprovides your skin with nutrients and fills up the moisture store sustainably.

The serum demonstrably contributes to the alleviation of wrinkles and to the natural tightening and bolstering of the skin. Bellaron is dermatologically tested, NATRUE-certified and manufactured in Germany.



Your natural fountain of youth  – Bellaron’s effect


bellaron-hyaluron-serum-1eng• Reduces wrinkles and crinkles.

• Tightens the skin.

• Increases the level of moisture in the skin.

• Provides the skin with nutrients.

• Stimulates the formation of collagen.

• Refreshes and regenerates the skin.

• Bolsters the skin from the inside.





After your facial cleaning apply the triple hyaluronic serum to face, neck and cleavage and work it in with light tapping of the fingertips. Then you can apply the day or night-time care you usually use.



Our tip:

Bellaron can also be applied in higher dosage as a wrinkle-reducing intensive treatment.



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