BABOR AGE ID presents its first Fall/Winter make-up collection

The BABOR AGEID make-up range is noted for its richly nourishing properties and rather muted shades. However, the seasonal collections provide an opportunity to add a burst of color. The first Fall/Winter look of the new BABOR make-up line promises warm, elegant colors for the lips and nails, a multi-color contouring face powder and an eye liner in green and blue.


The make-up products and colors are both stylish and highly flexible. After all, respect for a woman’s individual personality forms the core of the AGEID philosophy. The new shades can also be individually styled – from the natural Indian Summer Look through to the trendy Ethno Style. From very British and sophisticated through to a look that is so laid-back you would be forgiven for thinking that Coachella was coming around again this Fall.

BABOR_AGE ID_Countouring Face Powder


The four-color Contouring Face Powder enables the precise BABOR_AGE ID_Liquid Eye Liner dark blue_Openhighlighting and contouring of facial features with a highlighter and a downlighter. A warm beige blends the two shades, while a bronze tone adds a rich glow to the skin. When all the colors are applied together as a multi-color blush, the powder adapts to the skin tone. The different shades then overlay the complexion like a soft focus. With the eye make-up, color really comes into play. In this limited collection, Liquid AGEID Eyeliner is available in dark blue and dark green.



BABOR_AGE ID_Creamy Lip Colour 15 red maple leaf_Open

Creamy Lip Colour 15 Red Maple Leaf

BABOR_AGE ID_Glossy Lip Colour 13 wild roses_Open

Glossy Lip Colour 13 Wild Roses

The lipsticks in this look come in four impressive trendsetting shades with three up-to-the minute finishes: Glossy Lip Colour 13 wild roses has a seductive sheen, while Creamy Lip Colour 15 is a rich, warm shade called red maple leaf. The intensive shades 14 orange sundown and 16 red grape create a contemporary matte finish.

The new nail colors are perfectly coordinated with the lipsticks and come in the shades wild roses, red maple leaf and orange sundown. The exception is red grape. In the new Fall/Winter collection, statement lips in a dark, matte red instead are teamed up with Nail Colour 08 taupe, a shade with the undeniable “want-to-have” factor.

BABOR_AGE ID_Nail Colour 05 wild roses

Nail Colour 05 Wild Roses

BABOR_AGE ID_Nail Colour 07 red maple leaf

Nail Colour 07 Red Maple Leaf

BABOR_AGE ID_Nail Colour 08 taupe

Nail Colour 08 Taupe











Glossy Lip Colour 13 wild roses, 4 gr.

Creamy Lip Colour 15 red maple leaf, 4 gr.

Matte Lip Colour 14 orange sundown; 16 “red grape”, 4 gr.

Nail Colour 05 wild roses; 06 orange sundown; 07 red maple leaf; 08 taupe, 7 ml

Contouring Face Powder, 6 gr.

Liquid Eyeliner dark blue & dark green, 1 ml

BABOR_AGE ID_Matte Lip Colour 14 orange sundown_Open

Matte Lip Colour 14 Orange Sundown

BABOR_AGE ID_Matte Lip Colour 16 red grape_Open

Matte Lip Colour 16 Red Grape

BABOR_AGE ID_Nail Colour 06 orange sundown

Nail Colour 06 Orange Sundown





Photos: © Babor