You are currently viewing FINEST LIFESTYLE: SKULPTUREN by Yvonne Beck


Tasteful room decorations, compelling curiosities, lovingly decorative art objects – united in artful perfection within Yvonne Beck’s Skupturen.


A movement of pure consciousness

This artistic direction symbolizes the need to give a heart made of spirit and soul, philosophy and spirituality, a convincing external manifestation. The stand-alone objects capable of giving meaning to themselves mirror in a sparkling way the autonomy and dignity of man.

Handmade napkin rings in sterling silver, angels / lily in yellow gold with brilliants. Angel “Ortum“ € 1,290 Lilly of the Bourbons “Memento Mori“ € 1,180 

Love and suffering, happiness and despair – Skulpturen aims to stay clear of any embellishment and fairy tale approach. Skulpturen is dedicated to the entire spectrum of human feeling, expressing pleasure as well as pain. Putting the soul on display in the most delicate way. Granting access to the innermost: brave, tasteful, peculiar.

Skulpturen, by Yvonne Beck, creates spaces for the mind and soul. The line is a commitment to humor, to sincerity and to lively love.