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FHONE: Finest Eyewear made in Germany

FHONE glasses are both:  Fashionable and timeless, with coolness that leaves no one cold. And with a care you really don’t find often.



Stefan Flatscher and Uwe Pinhammer have been working hand in hand for 25 years – and with blind understanding. In the eyewear industry, their names became institutions.

For the own brand FHONE (pronounced: F.H.ONE) the F stands for Flatscher and the H for (Pin)Hammer. ONE is supposed to represent the claim of the Munich eyeglass manufacturer.

Modell Michelle TGH109 , 345 € UVP

..represented by the finest artisan craftsmen using there magic to create the frames, in more than 100 single worksteps. They mill, shape, sand and smooth down. They drill, rasp, file, solder, plate and adjust. They cut, grind, engrave and polish so that you get your pair of FHONE glasses. Exceptional eyewear that becomes a part of you.

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