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FHONE : horn rimmed eyewear for personalities

Horn rimmed eyewear by FHONE has been especially developed for real personalities, for character heads, who attach great importance to noble materials, pure aesthetics, clear design language and sustainability. Each model is made by hand.


Uwe Pinhammer und Stefan Flatscher: Owner of Fhone und FreudenHaus Stores Munich


Respectful workmanship

Each model is the customer’s model and FreudenHaus signs it with his initials. Behind the HORN line of FHONE are very many steps. The natural material Horn is given the utmost respect. Horn is a naturally grown material and is therefore considered very versatile, just as nature itself is.






Each model is unique

Horn is always different in its appearance and its texture. This guarantees once again that each model is an individual model, a unique piece. Horn is considered a lightweight material and also a material that adapts very quickly to the body temperature.


Photos: FHONE

Photo horn rimmed glasses: Luis Kuhn