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Sustainable Kingdom: Welcome to Ulagalla

Sri Lanka has more to offer than the typical beach vacation: the first Uga Escapes property in the northern center of the island takes green luxury tourism to a whole new level Ulagalla by Uga Escapes is a prime example for luxury tourism in Sri Lanka. Nature and culture are the resort’s focus points, while paying no mind to the typical all-inclusive vacation.

Royal residence meets modern hideaway 

Instead of building a whole new hotel and compromising the historical surroundings of Anuradhapura, Ulagalla was constructed around the 150 year old “Walawwa”, which used to be the main residence of a Sri Lankan chief. The beautifully remodeled estate is now the center of the hotel which is completely surrounded by 43 acres of rice paddies.


Villa with private pool


Goodbye plastic, hello solar energy

The resort owns the biggest private solar field in the country, which provides energy for the whole resort. Ever since its opening, Ulagalla completely resigned from the use of plastic by switching to reusable packaging as well as bamboo-straws to further protect the environment. Ulagalla thus became a pioneering effort in environmentally responsible and sustainable construction in Sri Lanka’s tourism and leisure industry.


Elephants, leopards and so much more

Staying at Ulagalla means staying in the middle of nature – and that comes with four-legged or feathered neighbors. Up in the sky, guests can discover rare birds such as the black and white pied cuckoo or the colorful Indian pitta. Down on the ground it would be no surprise if a grey fishing cat or the Sri Lankan spotted chevrotain decides to take a stroll through the resort.


Straight from the garden into the kitchen

Why import foods from far away if there is a beautiful organic garden right in the front yard? 90 percent of all the dishes served at the hotel are made from scratch with ingredients grown in the hotel’s garden. Besides white mangos, banana peppers, winged beans and curry leaves, the hotel also farms its own rice
paddies. Depending on the season, guests can participate in the traditional seeding and harvesting process and take part in a century old tradition. The rice grown at Ulagalla is enough to provide for all five Uga Escape hotels.


Horseback riding is one of plenty activities in Ulagalla


Car(e)free roadtrips

Instead of offering its guests bus tours and long car rides to the next sightseeing attraction, Ulagalla encouraged its visitors to discover Sri Lanka in a different way: by riding a bike into the royal city, where a local guide will give travelers a tour through the historic streets, by discovering the nature surrounding the hotel on horseback or by gliding trough sparkling water with a wooden kayak.


Ulagalla: beautiful hideaway in a beautiful landscape


About Uga Escapes

Uga Escapes comprises Ulagalla in Anuradhapura, Jungle Beach in Trincomalee, Uga Bay in Passikudah, Chena Huts in Yala and Uga Residence in Colombo. The story of Uga Escapes begins with its flagship property Ulagalla where the word Uga has its roots from. This vision formed the basis for a successful collection of “back to nature” Sri Lanka boutique hotels in remote but accessible and stunningly beautiful locations. Safari and jungle, cultural sides, snorkeling, wellness or a breathtaking beach – Uga Escapes
have it all.

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